Denial in a Pretty Dress

Positive thinking doesn’t face facts.  It faces backwards.

A person may deny the uncomfortable reality that they are driving head-on into oncoming traffic.  They will miss the point but the point will not miss them.

Positive thinking, the kind which ignores negative realities, is not healthy and adds nothing more to life than does worry.  This variety of optimism which winces at the mention of the unthinkable will be burned, lost, forgotten, neglected, and hurt despite their pretend game.

They will be hit anyway but facing facts may make the difference between a head on collision and a minor bumper thumper.

And even if the worst case still occurs, at least you’ll have that moment to say goodbye.

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One Response to Denial in a Pretty Dress

  1. Anna says:

    mmm…a thought-provoking piece. it’s helped me to put the way in which i seek to be optimistic, but realistic in perspective. thankyou.

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