West Virginia

In 2002, West Virginia was just a place that took Donna from me.  She went there on a mission trip during an uncertain moment in our relationship.  I stayed back and wallowed in melancholy.

Someone on her trip asked, “where are all the black people?”

The past few weeks we’ve been watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution which takes place in Huntington, West Virginia.  He was almost universally rejected by every citizen he came into contact with.  Fear of the other seems to run rampant.  However, progress has been made.  Oliver has even established in roads with a local DJ who has been very vocal about his opposition.

This week a mining accident occured in nearby Montcoal.  29 people lost their lives.  The last 4 bodies were discovered early this morning.  We were in Subway when I saw the announcement on TV.

And on the screen was that same radio deejay…from Huntington.

A note on this screen said that this the town that We Are Marshall was based upon.

I remembered October Sky, a true story of a boy in another WV mining town who wanted to be an astronaut.  His was an uphill battle like Oliver’s.  It seemed to the people there and to his family that he was rejecting there way of life.

I thought about how much more there was to this story.

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