Blanche Devereaux and the Woman at the Well

We’re watching the Golden Girls tonight like most nights.  This episode was a rare treat-one I hadn’t seen before.

Once in college, I admitted to a friend of liking the program.  He could not have been more disgusted, “It’s just a bunch of old women talking about sex.”  Perhaps, but I couldn’t help that I thought it was funny and that the show was comprised of good stories.

Sometimes I wonder if Blanche Devereaux has any shame.  Usually, she talks openly about and seems very impressed with her own sexual exploits.  This is a running joke over the series run.  The other characters laugh at her expense.

I wondered what would Blanche say if she were the woman at the well.

This episode was a little different.  When the new man in her life won’t even touch her, she immediately presumes there is something wrong with her-that she has lost her spark.

She enters the kitchen and announces, “I am a cheap, tawdry slut” prompting Rose to answer, “Is it Blanche?”

As it happens, the man is widowed and has not gone out with anyone in the few years since his wife’s passing.  He and his wife had been together since high school.  After several days during which time Blanche throws herself at him a variety of ways despite his resistance, they have a serious conversation.

She discovered that he was an old-fashioned romantic and that he thought first kisses were special.  She thought he was putting her on, at first.  He told her that was what he wanted with her.

It was like he spoke a foreign language.

After he left Rose asked what happened.  Blanche told her about him.  Incredulously, Rose inquired of how that made Blanche feel.

“Like a lady.”

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