Open-Faced PB&J Sandwich

Monday we joined Weight Watchers.  I don’t think of this as the start of a diet because I feel like we are always dieting.  However, we are tightening the reigns just a bit as is necessary for my training.

As funny as it may sound, I enjoy dieting.  Not in the fist-down-my-throat, wish-upon-a-Kate Moss sorta way (no, I like eating AND feeling FULL).  What I mean is how dieting makes one more conscientious and appreciative of what they eat.  Surely, this is why the Bible advises fasting.

For those who aren’t familiar, Weight Watchers is a point-based system.  I think its pretty cool.  Calories and fat are factored together with fiber to compute the value.  I’m not good with math so its handy they provide a paper sliding scale to do the math for me.

Last night, I had 4 points left.  I scoured the kitchen reading the backs of bread, canned spaghetti, pudding, and cereal.  What I really wanted was peanut butter on toast, a fact I would not have been as tuned into had I not been dieting.  I discovered the 98% Fat Free Hot Dog Buns and from there concocted a filling 5-point treat ( so, I went one over, weekly I have 35 to spare.)

Open-Faced PB&J Sandwich

1 Tbsp Peanut-Butter (2 pt)

2 Tbsp Grape Jelly (0 pt)

1 98% Fat Free Bun, Toasted (1 pt)

1 8 oz. glass of Skim Milk (2 pt)

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