Beyond Eye of the Tiger: 20 Songs for Your Workout Playlist

I submitted this in January for inclusion in an online hipster music mag.  I’m going to go ahead and say it didn’t make the cut.  So, I’m not hip.  What else is new?

I figure if your like me now is a great time for this list.  I bet you’ve already broken and remade your resolutions.  Never fear.  I believe you can do it.  I really do.

The songs are in perfect order to sync with all phases of your workout.  Total runtime is about 45 minutes.  Don’t hesitate.  Don’t even sample them.  Just go to Amazon straightaway and download them.  You can thank me later.

If you make resolutions at all, it’s likely “getting fit” rests comfortably at the top of the heap.  It’s as if that resolution mocks you from its lofty pedestal.

But if you really listen, you can hear your own personal trainer calling to you from within.  He says, “Get up.” Then he says something more peculiar, “You’re gonna eat lightning and crap thunder.”  Wait a second…is that Mickey, the tough-as-nails octogenarian who so famously whipped Rocky Balboa into shape?  It is and if you let him he can do the same for you but you’ll need the right music.  Even Rocky had “Eye of the Tiger.” Just in case that song doesn’t inspire your meat locker workouts the way it once did, here are a few tracks ready and able to do the job.

“Wake Up” Arcade Fire

“Sleepyhead” Passion Pit

“Free Radicals” Flaming Lips

“Timebomb” Beck

“I’m A Wheel” Wilco

“The Distance” Cake

“Everybody Get Dangerous” Weezer

“Treat Me like Your Mother” Dead Weather

“Immigrant Song” Led Zeppelin

“The Sound” Switchfoot

“Dress” PJ Harvey

“Intergalactic” Beastie Boys

“Pump It Up” Elvis Costello

“Busy Signals” Pink Spiders

“Drumming Song” Florence + the Machine

“Electric Feel” MGMT

“Trashcan” Delta Spirit

“Old White Lincoln” The Gaslight Anthem

“Move by Yourself” Donovan Frankenreiter

“Stop Your Sobbing” The Pretenders

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2 Responses to Beyond Eye of the Tiger: 20 Songs for Your Workout Playlist

  1. Kathy says:

    Excellent Article!

    If I could write like this I would be well chuffed 😉

    The more I read articles of such quality as this (which is rare), the more I think there might be a future for the Web. Keep it up, as it were.

  2. learndrums says:

    How are you, I love all your posts, keep them coming.

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