Kingdom People Christmas Giveaway

A new Tweet feed I follow is that of @trevinwax. I discovered him by way of @christandpopculture.

His blog is Kingdom People: Living on Earth as Citizens of Heaven. Check it out.

He’s giving away his 10 favorite books of 2009 plus an ESV study Bible. I’ve wanted at least 4 of these and am interested in the others as well.

To enter the giveaway, simply let him know by email that you follow him on Twitter or subscribe to his RSS feed. Additional entries will be given to bloggers who add Trevin to their blogroll or write an entry about the giveaway. So, I’m down for 3 entries.

You have until Christmas day to enter but honestly I hope you forget. That is, I am greedy and want these books all for myself. But, nonetheless this is a pretty rad idea and I hope it gets him boat loads of blog traffic.

For your review here listed are the 10 books (plus the ESV):

#2. UNFASHIONABLE – Tullian Tchividjian
#3. DEEP CHURCH – Jim Belcher*
#4. THE CASE FOR LIFE – Scott Klusendorf
#5. THE GOD WHO SMOKES – Timothy Stoner*
#6. ADOPTED FOR LIFE -Russell Moore*
#7. MANHUNT – James Swanson
#8. COUNTERFEIT GODS – Tim Keller*
#9. WHY WE LOVE THE CHURCH – Kevin DeYoung & Ted Kluck
#10. THE GOD I DON’T UNDERSTAND – Christopher Wright

*These are the ones I’ve wanted to read.

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