Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday and I need your help…

There is one woman I love. She is Donna. I want everyone to know it.

This is my rooftop.

I had been looking for a girlfriend since third grade. I thought I was some kind of prince, perhaps a diamond in the rough.

I wasn’t.

In fact, by the time she arrived at the college where we met I had been written off by many as a jerk. When we did meet she didn’t hesitate to tell me I lacked charm.

But despite this and that several of her friends rallied against me, she stuck around. What I liked about her was that she thought for herself, a quality I found to be rare.

On one hand, she secretly believed I was the guy for her. On the other, she knew I wasn’t there yet. I liked her so much that I took her objections seriously.

And it would seem I got my act together; we’ve been married almost five years now. Often though I think I may have pulled a fast one, that her being with me raises questions about her intelligence.

Whatever the cause, I could not be more thankful. Her being in my life has helped me see that God really does care about what happens to me. I’m amazed that she loves me.

Every year as her birthday approaches, I rack my brain to know how best to show my excitement that she is alive. I know that she knows that I love her, but this year I’d like to go one step further.

I want to make a bold, public demonstration. For every 1,000 people who send her birthday well wishes I will attempt a daring feat.

For the first 1,000 I will shave my head. I’ve never done this. No telling what my noggin is shaped like. Plus, there is a chance it never grows back…and let me tell you, I’m vain about my hair. I’ll post pictures.

Take a moment now to send love her way on facebook or twitter @donnaspace. Please tell all your friends, repost this!

Thank you

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One Response to Tomorrow is my wife’s birthday and I need your help…

  1. Happy, Happy Birthday Donna,
    I am so thankful that Chase met and married you! You have been a blessing to our family and our lives. I pray that God will bless your birthday and the coming year! You and Chase deserve it! Oh, Gary says “happy birthday too”. Love Aunt Connie

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