Dream, Last I Slept

I was in line at the bank to get new glasses.

I reached the head of the line and the man thought it possible to repair my old glasses.  He took them into his office.

While I waited in the lobby, I saw Rich Clark who was filling out a deposit slip.  We discussed how at first we did not recognize one other because we do not normally see each other there.

The man came out of his office and invited me in to discuss options regarding my glasses.  Jed was there and looked confused that I had gone to this guy to fix my frames, as he is a skilled lens crafter himself.

I tried to explain, “…even though you’re an optomomolologist.”

Next, I found out about a paid gig at vacation bible school.

I ran into my youth minister, Chris Lasseter.  He would be working  at the same VBS and invited me to stop by his class.

The next morning, I wondered into orientation.  It felt more like the first day at a telemarketing job.  It paid 8 dollars an hour.

Jeff and Jed had taken a seat on the far left in the back.  They hadn’t saved me a seat so I muttered, “forget it” in aggravation.  I sat next to Rich.

A loud woman stood at the front of the room waving her arms wildly to bring order and warn us how easily we could be sent packing.

I slipped out of the room to visit with Chris.  I was asked to bring back salad for the kids.

Undoubtedly, Chris did not know about the loud woman in charge of my group.  Otherwise, he would have rushed me along.

After a few minutes, I realized in panic that I needed to hurry back.  I retrieved a plate of salad on the way.

I approached the room and could hear the woman railing on about those who would flake out, including those who had snuck out.

I ducked into an adjacent room.  Also hiding out there was Jonathan Mallard who was terrified and sweaty.

I faced my fear and went back into the room, not sure where Jonathan disappeared to.

Soon I was explaining myself to the woman and a one-armed man, I know from goodwill, on a small bridge over a creek in front of several dozen people.

I had two minutes to answer.  The man towered over me and leaned close saying I could whisper in his ear.  I declined.  His interruptions ate away my time.  I had a mouthful of crackers which made it more difficult.

I jumped to the part about visiting with Chris.  I turned on the bridge which became a balcony.  I was no longer being interrogated.

Chris and his family stood waving from the ground.  The crowd applauded.

I awoke.

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